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A Spiritual Video Conversation:
Jesus ... and ME too, of course
Is Jesus our "Savior?" Did he come to save us from damnation, and without him are we doomed? Did he tell us he was God, form a line behind him and keep marching behind him? Did his death win each of us favor with God again - God who had been really disgusted with us before Jesus' sacrificial death? Does God now love us again because Jesus died for us? 

Actually, no to all of that. At least up to 20 years beyond Jesus' death, none of those concepts were ever mentioned, and Jesus himself would have been stunned to hear anyone talking of him like that. 

Rather, it happened another way, the way Jesus himself told. He said he was a human being just like us (the "son of man"). He reached his perfection through his choices, so that he perfectly reflected the Loving Consciousness that is Divine Presence, which he chose to let shine unrestricted through him. He said that if we listened to his teachings on how this Divine Presence permeates everything that is, and if we act on that message, then it will happen to us. One day we will be just like him, in fact we will do greater things than he did 

Jesus challenged us to go and be what he was. A brilliant life, a brilliant message, a brilliant invitation. These conversations will shine a light on the real Jesus, before the PR team got a hold of him after his death. 

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Jesus ... and ME too, of course, is one of 16 in ...

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