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A Spiritual Video Conversation:
There is No Death - There is Only Life
Thoughts in Time of Grief Over the Loss of a Female Loved One

Spoken for the person who is grieving over the Loss of a Female loved one, this series of seven video conversations has none of the usual religious pabulum you might be dreading to hear again.  

When we are grieving, when our heart is broken because someone we love has passed from this life, banal phrases and feel-good jargon is an instant turnoff. We want to hear and to feel something that is real. We want to hear what our heart and our mind will know to be true.

So, then. How do we know there is life after death when we can’t prove it?  And - on this gigantic question about life after death - we can't prove it. But here is the other side of that truth: we cannot prove any of the essential characteristics that make us us. Why is it that we love one person and not somebody else?  Why is it that we like this kind of work and would hate what that other person thoroughly enjoys? Why do we value truth over lies? Why do we like these hobbies and recreational activities, when others would be completely bored? Why do we value love over fear and hatred?  NONE of the things that constitute our true selves are provable. None of them are logical. They just are. We know because we know. And so it is with the fact of our eternal life ... of our loved one's eternal life.

Not only will you find that you will understand and believe that life is eternal, but you will also see what it is like ... what your loved one encountered when she passed to new life ... and why you can know with a certainty that there is no such thing as death; there is only life ... for her and for you

So ... listen up!  Is your loved one still with you and still loving you right now?  You are going to love these answers, and you are going to know that they’re true.

Your $9.95 order will include:
   - Seven individual video conversations on There Is No Death - There Is Only Life - for a FEMALE loved one
   - a downloadable small book, There Is No Death - There Is Only Life ... Thoughts in a Time of Grief over the Loss of a Female Loved One, with text matching the spoken words

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This spiritual video conversation above,
There Is No Death - There Is Only Life ... Thoughts in a Time of Grief over the Loss of a Female Loved One,
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There Is No Death – There Is Only Life Thoughts in a Time of Grief over the Loss of a Male Loved One

There Is No Death – There Is Only Life  -  Thoughts in a Time of Grief over the Loss of a Female Loved One

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