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A Spiritual Video Conversation:

The Origin and Destiny of God

The old ways of looking at a God “out there” just don’t jibe with what we know of the universe. Moreover, that old perspective - despite it being the dominant one for centuries - was not reflective of the perspective of Jesus.  

Science always initially confounds and threatens traditional religion, and then catapults us forward with the sinking-in of these brilliant insights. Lucky us!
  We can put it all together, in this time, at long last.  God is Loving Consciousness, Divine Presence, All-Loving Awareness - and this Loving Consciousness is within everything and everybody. There's the simple and profound truth.

Would you like to see how this works? Would you like to see the wonderful way in which YOU fit in?

These five video conversations look at what we know about the universe within which we live, take the spiritual principles on which our religions - certainly and especially Christianity - are built, and then expresses the timeless underflow of spiritual reality in words and concepts arising from the world in which we live. All too often - and usually without even knowing it - our religious institutional words and concepts are from another era and subconsciously jar against the facts as we know them to be today. We know that something is out of whack, but can't put our finger on it. 

Here is where the fog lifts! Here is where you can take a giant leap of insight. In these five video conversations on the "Origin and Destiny of God," you will see the timeless beauty of this Power of Existence, find your own great Ah-hah! moment of joyful enrichment, dust your mind free of the debris of the ages that has dulled your understanding of the Divinity Within of which Jesus and other spiritual masters of history so clearly spoke. Here's the switch to turn on the light ...

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The Origin and Destiny of God, is one of 16 in ...

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