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A Spiritual Video Conversation:
"Religious" or "Spiritual" -
(Oh No, Not That Question Again!)
Does my innate spirituality - the foundational basis upon which I make all my intermediate decisions - call me to act in a particular way to my family? To the people I know and love? To the people I meet casually or don't even meet? In the community, the church, the organization to which I belong? Does it call me to be politically active?

If I really am charged to be the best of who I am, does that mean I am by nature an isolationist from others, or am I obligated to be politically active in government for the common good? Is a good follower of Jesus a liberal or a conservative?

Am I a "religious" creature who can satisfy my inner quest by religious practices and following those who say they have the answers, or am I a "spiritual" creature who is moved by my longing to be my best self to do that by caring for others.

Of course, you already know the answers to those questions. But you will hear it expressed freshly here, and you will feel your inner rumblings to get a move on.

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This spiritual video conversation above,
"Religious" or "Spiritual" - (Oh No, Not That Question Again!), is one of 16 in ...

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