Universal Journey, with James H. Burch
video conversations on important topics

Here you will find a series of conversations on the flow of your life, the importance of your life, 

the way you fit into the Whole, how powerful and beautiful you really are. 

Spiritual Questions


I have been speaking to 35,000 people per year, for almost 20 years. I help seek out spiritual solutions and answers, while hosting a myriad of different conversations about spirituality - always trying out ways to make the feet-on-the-ground / head in the clouds spirituality of Jesus come alive for the wide array of good people in our society today.
I'd like these conversations to be as if you and I are talking.  Each of the topical conversations listed below are a series of three to ten, 10 to 30 minute conversations.  Each topical set of conversations sells for $9.95.  At the end of each of the individual conversations in a set, or all at one time, you can download the corresponding written words of the video, so at the end you will have a little book, in hand, of exactly what we talked about.

Once you buy a topical conversation, you can return anytime and view it again. I hope you become filled with excitement about who you really are because of these personal flashlights, all aimed at your own great light.  I have truly enjoyed putting them together for you!

To learn more about a speaking engagement on a spiritual topic by me, please contact me today.

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We listened to your videos together. The words and philosophy were so beautiful and touching!  We couldn’t believe how perfectly it matched us and our lives ... it was as if you were speaking our hearts.  It was most beautiful – intimate and loving.                                    

-  Renee and John

I could not have imagined anything more perfect or special.  Thank you for making the process so easy to understand.  I appreciate your kind words, professionalism, and for making my spiritual understanding come alive.

- Amanda 

Jim was wonderful.  We loved how much experience he had, which came out in everything he said. It was eye-opening, but seemed to suit our particular beliefs, which made it perfect for us. We felt that he was interacting with us in person. Fantastic.  Highly recommended.

- Dave and Alexis

Beautiful and unique video conversations! I could compliment Jim Burch for months. The videos really seemed to involve me, they were very inspirational, and the greatest thing is that they seemed tailored just for me. I loved the format - very personal and very intimate. And, without spending months in a college course, I learned more. He's got it down! What he said was both modern and traditional without too many traditional religious overtones. But it did cover my religious beliefs, and was very spiritual. Perfectly catered to me!!

- Nabeel

conversation 2:
There Is No Death
There Is Only Life
Thoughts in a Time of Grief over the Loss of a Female Loved One

It was absolutely beautiful.  The wisdom and guidance you’ve shared with us will be treasured always.  Thank you!

- Rathna and Hanna 

It was everything I had hoped for and more.  You spoke what I felt in my heart, yet had never quite voiced.  Thank you for everything. 

                                                - Patricia

Your conversations were truly inspirational and had us not only captivated, but in another place, which was exactly what we wanted, but thought was not possible.  We can’t tell you how absolutely inspirational your talks were.  You had us on the edge of our seats, hanging off of every word that you uttered.  We just wanted to hear what you were going to say next. We could not have asked for more.

-  Rebecca and Ryan 

The conversation itself was amazing and your words were so sincere. It was a great combination of religion, but down to earth with relatable words. I showed this to some of my family and everyone instantly loved you.

- Lisa

Getting your conversations was absolutely one of the beat decisions I made.  Now I will be listening to more. I still can't get over how much I loved all this!

- Kris

Your non-judgmental spirituality and your modern approach to God, love, life made for a more perfect clarity in these important spiritual underpinnings of my life!

- Dale 

We are so grateful for your loving energy you brought to your talks. Everything was so joyful, and perfectly manifested how we feel.  What a beautiful way to understand this amazing journey.

- Christine and Bill

Your "conversation" was spiritual while not being religious and was the perfect balance.  It made for a beautiful and memorable learning experience.

- Molly

What I saw was the perfect balance of religion, spiritually, and the expression of love.  What a blessing it was to witness such beautiful insights.

- Marty

I just cannot thank you enough for such a beautiful, meaningful exposition of the spirituality that fits me so well.  It spoke to my heart.  You have a special message that everyone can all relate to. 
- Dena 

Your remarks were absolutely beautiful and very poignant.  I couldn’t have been happier.

-  Mira 

A loving note can barely express how you have added to my happiness.  I would like to send sincerest thanks for creating such special, solemn and personalized clarity about subjects so often befuddling.

-  Allen 

Jim did such a wonderful job of explaining things that had always seemed to escape explanation - it was beautiful and meaningful. I was raised Catholic and have a predisposition to understand things the "Catholic" way, but still find myself turned off by so many traditional elements. Jim's talks ended up being perfect; there was a simplicity, but also a recognition of the significance of it all.

- Libby

You were able to create a series of talks in which the love is just felt, and I was able to enjoy the spirituality of it all, while continuing to stay involved in what usually has the tendency to lose me. I have to admit that I have found many things like this to be boring and long. You were fantastic. You were interesting, lively, gave phenomenal insights, and were able to capture the essence of love, and make me FEEL it. I got so caught up in the romance of your words that I could almost SEE the love. I was overwhelmed with the feelings you were able to capture.

- Jennifer

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